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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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maybe sometimes your comments maybe unfiltered it's a breath of fresh air many commissions can be overly careful you believed things and meant them and being thought of so again wish you the best in our future endeavors and maybe see you again. >> commissioner moore. >> having sat next to commissioner sugaya 8 years it's more than having a think a informed voice but a great appreciation for the thoroughness in the profession and before we really had the historic preservation fully established i've learned a lot and will miss you a great deal i refer to you as my comrade in
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arms. >> commissioner. >> i've learned a lot from bill and appreciate you how direct he is maybe those who don't follow planning but baseball derrick jettinger so thank you you've made a great impact bill. >> i may also wish you the best and commissioner johnson welcome. >> commissioners that place you in directors announcements. >> thank you xhishths on behalf of the commissioners thank you for your staff both on the planning commission and the board of appeals it's been educational for me and the staff we've been preshthd your detail and commitment to the work. secondly, with the reporter to the flower market there's 3
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ownership groups the announcement in the paper was the purchase of two of those. so what is then the third a separate purchase not announced by a different buyer i should say so there's a lot of discussions we're organizing the meetings as well and one of the discussion points all or part of the functions should be there or relocated so we'll looking at issue. the good news that morning the mayor signed the legislation schlage lock to allow that project to move forward. there was a signing ceremony that involved several members of the community that worked on this for 15 years so at long last with the dissolution with the redevelopment agency that
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threw us for a loop so we're pleased hopefully, this will move forward within a year or so that concludes my presentation. thank you >> thank you, commissioners item 8 review of past font no preservation meeting. >> good morning aaron starr this week we've heard the mac open street terminating from the 3 t zoning to the new mac open plaza for the plazas under construction the commission he heard this on june 14th and recommended the approval at the land use commission supervisor kim property two minor amendments one to correct a top
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to and the intersection of highway one 020th century 1 it was moved to the full board of supervisors and seconded by supervisor cohen. this week at the board of supervisors four items received their second reading the organization that removes fees from the planning code the information from the project sponsor regarding their anti discrimination policies and the two items that dealt with the schlage lock it was mentioned that morning by the mayor there was also a hearing open is interim moratorium on change of institutional use in the mount i mountain neighborhood this was introduceed by supervisor campos was heard and not go before the
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land use committee instead of that, they took public comment and placed a moratorium on the institutional in the neighborhood located in the southeast part of the city this resolution will specifically address the closer of the market street ladies home and conversion to a private school 20 people came up to speak and month of the public comment was in favor of the preservation of the ladies home for that protecting seniors. supervisor campos spoke of the need to preserve that and the board voted unanimously to approve that there was no speakers that concludes my presentation. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. mr. star i have a question on the university mount he and without taking a position i want the home to stay there
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but it is it within the power of the supervisors to keep it open for the folks. >> i don't believe so in the next 45 days we're supposed to look at the area and see what the issue is and propose solutions and report back to the board we have not begun that process. >> just a moratorium but no particular position taken. >> no. >> thank you. >> and the board of appeals met one item that was of interest the public healthy for the ocean avenue this effects the approval process for another mcd 5 hundred feats from this location that's been in front of you on
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calendar for september 11th last time the item was continued until october 29th we'll discuss further items with staff. other items president chiu nominated bobby wilson to the board of supervisors it's been vacant by wang and it was her last meeting and we appreciated her leadership on the board of appeals and she was a great voice and will be missed and add my sentiments to commissioner sugaya leaving he be you're great voice on the commission appreciated serving with you and also the experience you bring with the past experience with the landmarks so thank you.
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>> commissioners, if there's nothing further move ton opi address the commission on matters that are within the commission's jurisdiction and are not on today's agenda. members of the public may address the commission up to 3 minutes i do have one speaker card. >> steven henry. >> i'm steven henry a property owner on el gunmen park not far from where the supervisor mentioned he had dinner i won't be here on august 7th to give my support. i bought a building 10 years ago and did the condominium conversion i know you know the
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procedure of the paperwork i started it to help with competitions and bills i wanted to give my support into that and speak to the matter in that area when i bought the freeway was coming down hyperdermic needles and the area changes i meet my folks to walk them to the condo so i encourage the supervisors to spend evenings in that area i believe city hall if it were located there it would change i know august you'll be caring that i'm not a purchasing so i understand the topics are sensitive >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon, members the commissioned since the flower mart came up i thought it was direct to put my cards on the table for us and the selma plan process displaying and killing the flower mart and dismr. makras r placing the job is just for the sake of another office building is completely unacceptable rebuilding a mart in place in some manner that would be a something we'd support by kill the no more mart and pushed to some kind of town where it can't survive will result ultimately in litigation and essentially on the ballot measure so i certainly hope the
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staff can find a solution for this benefit of all concerned thank you. >> thank you. >> sue hester following up on john's statement about the flower market. i was the attorney for this landmark the last time this was before the commission when the university had the project. planning department really deals optional with property owners. if they deal with anyone they don't deal with tenant i've talked to tenant they didn't know about it. they're to be blind sided by this and if the planning department is digging in to evict all the small businesses you owe to the small businesses not only to the property owners.
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and, secondly, you have on your calendar for october 7th - will august 7th a report on prop m and the staff has written editorials and the mayor taken a position i have found for my quest through this records no one has any records i've found under recent almost no information in the department of the relationship between the office and the housing in relation and the transfer fee no one understands three years of community work that went into housing fees, transit fees in the late 60s and 70s and early 80s in addition to report from
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the plaintiff which didn't know anything at all about the history you ask the people to make reports to the commission. so we don't have to use other comment periods on august 7th which we will do it's important you understand the original origin of laws that are monthlyal policies they came from this side of the ailing so prop m didn't move out of the air on the ballot of november of 86 there has been years of struggle to get a housing fee and transportations fee the fact they're not being impolsz bugs me the most thank you
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>> is there any additional public comment. >> good afternoon henry with john the staff of market association and echoing what the other speakers have said we're concerned we're going to be using a place that provides work and it adds to the community to have a diversity not only in housing in the mart but it's historical for us to try to maintain it and not lose that whole flower mart so if we have a deep thought i hope we won't lose it. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment. okay seeing none, public comment is closed >> commissioners that places you under our regular calendar item 9 at 747 howard street as
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long as the moscone project this is a presentation. >> good afternoon commissioner president wu i others i'm the director of planning this is a project on the moscone in this afternoon's presentation we'll talk about the moscone center this is the meeting facility is located on howard street on the south of market in the yerba buena neighborhood it increases the moscone center by 20 percent the upgrade will be on the moscone north and south and at the ballroom. additional space will be created by expanding the blow grade that connections moscone north and soviet to create 87 thousand
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square feet the project will reconfigure the bus street and reconstruct the pedestrian bridge and construct a new bridge to connect moscone north and south and make the public realm open in the site. in more details we will have more information proposed for the project. in terms of the planning the eir is scheduled for august 17th if after the presentation from the sponsor today you very specific questions please let me us know and with that, i'll turn it over to the detective director with the department of public works for introductory remarks thank you. >> good evening edgar lopez good
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afternoon director ram i will give you a short introduction of the project and this is to your planning department and the office of economic workforce development and the bureau and our great partner santa fe san francisco travel. before i want to provide a high-level summary of the project. it will encompass 4 hundred and 757 thousand square feet and talk about the connection between the south and north and the expanded lobbies and a new canopy and the new bridge with a new bridge is improves the pedestrian circulation to make
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it more usable. we have known for a long time in order to remain competitive we've got to expand moscone we know moscone is in a neighborhood where people own and live and the people car about the community. when we start to look at the project we wanted to make sure it was done in partnership with the community over the passing past year and a half we've held over 2 dozen community meetings and one-on-one meetings with the community leaders and we've listened to the concerns and based on the feedback from those meetings the building design has been revised and it's restraining order stronger and the massing has been reduced it meets the expansion for the city and meets the demands of the
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community. we also wanted to use the opportunity for this project to better weave moscone into the surrounding neighborhood and cape with the destine that activates third street and introduces more widening of the sidewalks you'll see the better design flow for the people in access to the gardens. sorry i think my slides are out of order. moscone has a deep-rooted history in the development of the neighborhood people fought hard to protect the neighborhoods interests and that's understandable since moscone moscone center was built san francisco neighborhoods have changed. the project as now envisioned provides that improvement for
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better fitting of the 21st century of san francisco. i want to thank the project team and the community for getting us here and helping us to move the moscone center forward. i will introduce greg the lead architect who will walk you through the building design and go into a detailed presentation >> thank you edgar i'm with the architect in san francisco commissioner president wu to commissioner president wu and the commissioner to present our design as unfolding for moscone one of the most important projects in the city. i think we have slides that we can share with you that beginning with, of course, the context of this place it is much greater than the physical boundary and in addition to the
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economic implementations that edgar touched on we know this project has enormous gang we want to make sure that we honor the extraordinary things that exist in ybdz and depend over time those spaces are honored and enhanced is our goal. we know, of course, as we go by this project often this site that much of what is there isn't particularly positive for our city with the ends you see along howard street and third street are filled with ramps and service ways and concrete abutments that are extremely unfriendly from a pedestrian
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perspective the diagram in front of you is the access along 3 and fourth street there are ramps that cut off the pedestrian side there are all important green lines for pedestrians people have to move between buses and trucks and there's a connection to the ybdz across mission street to the playground that's a hidden jewel accessed by a in their pedestrian bridge that goes to the park. along going east and west along howard street we have a situation that business pull off to the side as seen in the photographs those are deep and
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dark lit spaces that are used for parking and for drop-offs and accruing a pedestrian conflicts as we try to move along with length from third to figure out street and back and forth so to show you the design concept that's evolved as talked about through the series even if community meetings and work with the city and the moscone sf travel operations group one critical issue is below grade f this is removing the gardens and playground in yellow you see two exhibition spaces that are connected with a ballroom in between them this is one of the great limitations of the operations from moscone this is
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to unit those two spaces and remove the ballroom and making a contiguous says that a larger conference space for sure not one of the biggest in the country but nevertheless, it will allow this center to remain competitive the sites the yellow is the footprint of the proposal to start from the north side at behind the restaurant and move forward to the streets and on the south side from the edge of the playground and move towards the street to basically build below grade and not encroachment on the public space this plays an important part it's important we use that to improve the
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negative conditions arrest a proposal is this one to especially on third street to take that long ramp you saw and pull it back to the south edge creating a pedestrian friendly environment to create a conference center to make multiple connections to the playground and back and forth to ybdz to reduce the vial project it's impossible to walk from east to west without crossing bus lanes so quickly the plans here i see hopefully not stressed here there are not as long but the blue is the lobby
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we're going to have the multiple use of the space to make maximum flexibility of this space i should point out when this building is complete that will be the most compacted building in terms of is small number of secret used to accommodate visits this step up 12 feet from the lobby you see the bottom in yellow is the existing bail room to allow us to have this this is an unusual you way to let the public pass through while the conferences took place opening up in the moscone across the city. we're stepping up one more level to the ballroom you, you, you or
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so it in blue we're to have the live e life of this building to have animation and create a fungal connection to a new terrace on the north side to allow this facility to work with the north and south will individually both by the use of the access to the bridge and finally at the top on the third floor are the meeting rooms with a significant terrace as a result as mr. lopez indicated to educate a gem be relationship with the playground. so this is a section soot u cut through from yerba buena gardens to the playground on the right you see did famous low exhibition hall so much of this
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building remains underground, however, we're coming vertically and in program areas you see in yellow the exhibition space now connected and above that and importantly is this the importance of allowing north and south to operate together as well as independently so from the north side of the exhibition hall it comes up without enkufrm the left side this bridge is something obviously i don't take bridges lightly in the city and as well as with the community on those pieces of we've worked we're treating that as a box eyewitness kite we've placed the structure stop the top to allow
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or suspend this dedicate walkway it's an extremely transparent and suspended piece this is our arts administration staff called this the mission of light because it is now a designated as a place for significant work by an artist to make this piece as it occupies the public ground as part of the public artists an significant piece in our city. architecturally we think it's good. so looking at this section at howard street very, very importantly it's the civic realm this is engaged for the life of the building and so we're making those connections very direct
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and because of the visibility of this mission street for the most part you can't see it but mission street you'll see the defining light edge it this is an important architecture piece and stepping down to the playground this is the test stepping down and making that side of the building a crafting to howard street to make that part of the park setting it has extremely high metrics is it will have is the lowest carbon in the united states and it will safe 15 million 0 of gallons of waters and this is to the tr